Review Of The New VigRX Delay Spray

Psst…wanna hear how to make sex even more amazing?

Nope, no cocaine or anything illegal involved (phew!). It’s just something that guys are using called a male desensitizer spray, which absorbs into penile tissue and makes it less sensitive.

You last longer in bed with a male desensitizer. And one of the most popular male desensitizers of the moment is a product called VigRX Delay Spray

Rating: Five Stars

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. The makers of VigRX Plus have entered a new market. The result of their labor is VigRX Delay Spray – an application that you spray on your glans and shaft, then rub into your penis. The formula then absorbs into your penile tissue and tells your nerves to be less sensitive to sexual stimuli.

You last longer in bed when that happens

VigRX Delay Spray might be the best of all desensitizer sprays. It uses a mild anesthetic called benzocaine – a departure from the so-called competition which tends to use lidocaine – to relax nerves in the penis. Fast-acting and with very good reports coming in about how long guys are lasting when they use VigRX Spray, it’s hard to fault this awesome product.

Why Guys Buy It

Men buy VigRX Delay Spray to last longer. They get that and then some; VigRX Plus makes the pleasure last what seems like forever. The reports are that VigRX Delay Spray helps guys:

• Last longer in bed • Orgasm when they choose • Enjoy more ‘teasing’ and lead-up to orgasm • Help their women climax multiple times • Have more enjoyable sex lives

If you don’t mind us getting too sexual for a moment, look up ‘edging blowjob’ on Google. That’s when your partner teases you with the longest oral sex you’ve ever had before you blow your load.

VigRX Delay Spray can make that happen. You’ll last longer and release when you want.


Now, do you see why VigRX Delay Spray is so popular?


Lots of them with VigRX Delay Spray. Among the most important is that you know what you’re getting – a quality product from the makers of VigRX Plus. VigRX Delay Spray stands out for:

• The pleasure that goes on forever • The ability to choose when you finish • Better results than from other male desensitizers • Painless male enhancement • Discretion (You don’t need a prescription to buy it) • Multiple orgasms for your partner

Some clarification on that last point. VigRX Delay Spray by itself won’t make your partner multi-orgasmic – rather it helps you last longer in bed. That gives you a chance to light her fires enough to hit her sweet climax.

A British study found that in an ideal world, women like intercourse for about 21 minutes. VigRX Delay Spray may help get you there – and get her off in the process.


There aren’t many with VigRX Delay Spray. But we’re striving for an objective review here, so if you want the drawbacks of the popular desensitizer spray from the VigRX camp, they include:

• Some guys don’t like lidocaine • Numbness (if you use too much)

It’s important to note you’re at risk of numbness with any male desensitizer spray – VigRX Delay Spray among them. That’s why it’s important to keep it at one to three sprays for each session or follow your doctor’s advice before using the product.

The Company

You know the story here. VigRX Delay Spray comes from the guys who make VigRX Plus. That means you get the expertise of these leaders in male enhancement, along with quality (it’s made with strict health and safety regulations in North America) and live customer service. The product gets big points for these.


Plenty of it. VigRX Delay Spray is priced very well – especially when you look at how it stands out from the so-called competition. It’s got the VigRX name on it and their knowledge of the male biology. More importantly, it’s going to put unbelievable pleasure in your bedroom at a price that’s not going to hurt your checkbook.


This leads to our next point. You get a 67-day money-back guarantee when you buy VigRX Delay Spray. That’s 60 days plus a week to ship the product back to the company if you don’t like it. You’ll pay for shipping and handling, but that’s customary. VigRX Delay Spray’s guarantee is among the best in the business.


Take a wild guess. Yup, you should buy VigRX Delay Spray. Guys are saying it helps them delay orgasm and gives their ladies a chance to climax several times as well. For a thrill like you wouldn’t believe, combine VigRX Delay Spray with VigRX Plus or Semenax. That’s more fun than you’d think was possible in the bedroom!

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Currently, men over the age of 40 who are suffering from the ability to stay aroused and have a pleasurable encounter with a partner. There are a vast amount of health supplements available to counteract the slow arousal issues and increased the amount of pleasurable time.

VigRX Delay Spray provides a unique product which works promptly and effectively to enhance a man’s sexual experience. Another good product you should take a look is Semenax, which goes well with VigRX delay to increase your erection and make it even more powerful and last longer.

VigRx Delay Spray is a type of desensitizer. This helps the penal tissue in becoming less sensitive and provides a longer sexual encounter for the man. The VigRx Delay Spray is a mild topical anesthetic, benzocaine that is sprayed 1-3 times on the glans of the penis; this is the round tip of the penis.

It should also be applied to the shaft of the penis. After the application has been applied and rubbed into the tissue, it will absorb and the tissue will become less sensitive to sexual stimuli. Allow at least 10 minutes for the product to work. The product will work for approximately 20-30 minutes.

The man using the product may choose to wipe his penis with a damp cloth before sexual intercourse. This process will lessen the risk of his partner being affected by the anesthetic. The use of a condom 10 minutes after the application is also an option.

VigR- Delay-Spra-reviewReviews confirm that many men have testified to the helpfulness of VigRX Delay Spray. Many men state they are lasting longer in bed after using VigRX Delay Spray.

Because they have the ability to choose when they will have their orgasm, they now enjoy a longer amount of foreplay between them and their partner. Having the option to be intimate for a longer amount of time helps create a long-lasting relationship.

Customers should feel safe in knowing that the product is made by Leading Edge Health which means it is made at a cGMP-compliant facility that has rigorous health and safety regulations. The only problem that men have experienced with the product is numbness.

The product may produce long periods of numbness when used excessively. The company stands by its product and offers a live customer service department seven days a week. Customers are given a 67 days money-back guarantee.

If there any type of health concerns regarding the use of VigRX, then consult a doctor. Wash the penal area before having oral sex and do not use if anyone is allergic to anesthetics.

Do not use the product if the skin is broken open. This product should be kept away from children.

Prescription drugs and medical condition may dimish a man’s staying power, but results are guaranteed by VigRX Delay Spray.

If the product does not work after 60 days use, then the company will refund the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling. Please make sure the unused portion is returned to the company within 67 days from the delivery date.

All orders are expedited quickly. The order can be expected at the door in 2-3 days if you choose express shipping; please allow 7-10 days for stand shipping and two weeks for shipments outside of the U.S. All customers are responsible for taxes and tariffs where they apply. Customer service is available at 1-866-621-6886.